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Culture Workshops

A workplace in which you can speak up, ask questions, challenge ideas, make mistakes - fail even - without fear of personal repercussion is one in which people thrive and companies succeed. 

build trust

enable creativity





I help organisations develop psychologically safe cultures, where vulnerability is celebrated and trust is built.

These companies benefit from happier team members who are more engaged, less likely to leave, more resilient and creative.

I work with businesses of all sizes - from small start-ups to large global brands and workshops are tailored to each company's specific needs.

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PepsiCo benefited from an 8% increase in psychological safety when measured 6 months after our cultural change programme.

Pre-work of culture-mapping the team with interviews and a survey established 3 action areas to explore in the workshop: 

celebrating effort, learning from failure and building relationships.


Our follow-up enabled actionable commitments that resulted in sustained cultural change. 

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I would definitely recommend Charlie's cultural consultancy and workshops. We have improved our team culture with specific, tangible behavioural changes.


Karen Scott

Senior Director


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The Process


Survey to measure psychological safety


1-2-1 Interviews identifying key themes

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Topic knowledge

Exercises & breakouts

Key actions & next steps

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Proposed actions summary

Breakout key takeaways summary

Survey to assess impact

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